The True Swiss Cellular Skincare



With a Unique Heritage


The Brand

A father and son

The father, a Swiss philanthropist and owner of a world-renowned anti-aging clinic, achieved international recognition with cellular research and developed the first cellular skincare line based on animal cells.

With a thoughtful, visionary approach to the ever-changing environment, the son worked relentlessly to build on the father's findings by turning his quest to the kingdom of plants. Worldwide research resulted in a discovery close to Montreux, Switzerland: a plant cell with superior anti-aging performance, which is now used by Swiss Perfection in its key ingredient "Cellular Active IRISA®".

Cellular Heritage

Swiss Perfection is the first brand to apply vegetal cellular extraction technology to cosmetics. Using the Cellular Active IRISA® complex, the company carries on the legacy of a pioneering Swiss family, with the goal to continuously provide the most advanced solutions in Anti-Aging skin care.

Swiss Quality and Excellence

Swiss Perfection strongly identifies with Swiss quality and know-how. This is why the products are formulated, developed and produced in Switzerland with the highest quality standards. They benefit from the internationally recognized “Made in Switzerland” label.

Driven by the desire to continuously provide the most advanced solutions in anti-aging skincare, Swiss Perfection’s exclusive ranges use highly concentrated biotechnological ingredients and natural extracts for the most advanced, result-oriented formulas that respond to the skin’s specific conditions and needs.

Swiss Label and Certifications

As a member of SwissCos – the Association for the Protection of the Origin of Swiss Cosmetics - Swiss Perfection guarantees its customers Swiss Made products, formulated in adherence with Swiss traditions and know-how.


The pure Swiss landscapes, prairies and Alps that are home to Swiss Perfection embody the origin of the brand’s rich Story & Heritage. It all began in Montreux – a pristine setting located on the shores of Lake Geneva – which enjoys unrivalled reputation for rejuvenating cellular treatments.

First researches in Cellular Therapy in Montreux (Switzerland).

The Swiss philanthropist and owner of the most prominent anti-aging clinic in the world takes inspiration from Cellular Therapy advanced rejuvenation treatments to develop an exclusive cellular complex based on animal cells.

The son inherits the passion for Cellular Research and perfects his father’s findings in Cellular Cosmetics. For several years, his international team of scientists performs various trials to find an exceptional and unparalleled cellular skincare formula. During this quest for the perfect cell, a general ideological change directed the focus on plant cells.

As a genuine visionary, he turns his quest for excellence to the kingdom of plants. Swiss Perfection, The True Swiss Cellular Skincare based on plant cells, was born.

RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Serum – iconic and first creation of the Swiss Perfection product range – is designed to target the first signs of skin aging. This serum protects skin from premature aging and external aggressors. Its potent formula relieves inflammation to protect cell structure. The skin is replumped, feels intensely hydrated, soothed and rejuvenated. Quintessence of cellular plant technology, this exceptional elixir still is at the very heart of Swiss Perfection, being a true symbol of the brand’s history and overwhelming success.

Launch of Swiss Perfection Cellular Perfect Lift Serum and Cellular Perfect Lift Cream. Highly concentrated in biotechnological ingredients and relying on Cellular Therapy, this luxurious Duo acts as a natural lift with intensely regenerating properties.

Worldwide research leads to a discovery near Montreux, where the original quest had started. A cell with superior potency and anti-aging action is identified in the root of the Iris Germanica. This scientific breakthrough completes the second cycle of revolutionary products from this family of Cellular Pioneers, giving birth to the perfect plant-based Cellular Cosmetic Line: Swiss Perfection with Cellular Active IRISA®.

Swiss Perfection launches 6 new products that join first and iconic RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. The high-tech RS-28 range offers targeted solutions to boost the skin’s 28-day renewal cycle, to provide intensive repair of deep-down damage and to help defy aging, from prevention to ultra-intensive treatments for immediate visible results.

Four targeted treatments are specifically designed to respect men’s skin. They offer intensive deep-down regeneration and daily hydration benefits, together with the best protection against premature aging.

First brand to apply plant cell extraction technology to cosmetics, Swiss Perfection marks a further milestone and develops two new patented technologies: Cellular Active IRISA INTENSE™ and Cellular Active IRISA EXOSOME™.