With a Unique Heritage


A Father / A Son

The father, a Swiss philanthropist and owner of the most famous Anti-Aging clinic in the world, achieved worldwide recognition for cellular research and developed the first Cellular Cosmetic Line based on animal cells.
With a visionary approach, reflective and aware of an evolving environment, his son relentlessly sought to perfect his father’s research into cellular cosmetics, reorienting it towards the vegetal world. Searching worldwide, the discovery and solution was found close to Montreux in Switzerland : a vegetal cell with superior potency and Anti-Aging effects, now used as the key ingredient in Swiss Perfection’s signature compound “Cellular Active IRISA®”.

Cellular Heritage

First brand to apply vegetal cellular extraction technology to cosmetics, SWISS PERFECTION with Cellular Active IRISA® carries on the legacy of this pioneering Swiss family, with the desire to continuously provide the most advanced solutions in Anti-Aging skin care.