With a Unique Heritage


The Brand

A father and son

A Swiss philanthropist and owner of the best-known anti-aging clinic in the world, the father achieved international recognition with cellular research and developed the first cellular cosmetic line based on animal cells.

With a thoughtful, visionary approach to the ever-changing environment, the son worked relentlessly to build on the father's findings by turning his quest to the kingdom of plants. Worldwide research resulted in a discovery close to Montreux, Switzerland: a plant cell with superior anti-aging performance, which is now used by Swiss Perfection in its key ingredient "Cellular Active IRISA®".

Cellular Heritage

SWISS PERFECTION is the first brand to apply vegetal cellular extraction technology to cosmetics. Using the Cellular Active IRISA® complex, the company carries on the legacy of a pioneering Swiss family, with the goal to continuously provide the most advanced solutions in Anti-Aging skin care.

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