The True Swiss Cellular Skincare

Cellular Active


From the Iris plant to the brand’s

three exclusive proprietary cellular technologies


Cellular know-how

The natural 28-day cell division cycle declines with age. Cellular Therapy counteracts cellular dehydration, reinvigorates the natural cell division process and rejuvenates the skin.

Obtained by exclusive processes, Swiss Perfection’s proprietary compounds Cellular Active IRISA™, Cellular Active IRISA INTENSE™ and Cellular Active IRISA EXOSOME™ act in synergy to bring life and energy back to the cells. Carefully balanced, they provide skin with the regenerative benefits of Cellular Therapy. High in enzymes and proteins, they deliver optimal hydration, stimulate the cell metabolism and enhance the skin’s natural renewal process. Their high antioxidant activity protects cellular DNA. Merging savoir-faire and unparalleled cellular expertise, these three proprietary extraction technologies are at the core of Swiss Perfection skincare. They focus on wrinkles appearance, cutaneous barrier and luminosity, revealing the skin's natural radiance. 

Cellular Active IRISA™ is at the core of Swiss Perfection Skincare, working in synergy through every step of your beauty ritual.

The Iris plant

The origins of the Swiss Perfection skincare ranges began with a discovery close to Montreux in Switzerland. Surrounded by an international, multidisciplinary team of scientists, founder Gregor Mattli worked tirelessly to apply plant cellular extraction technology to cosmetics.

The R&D department performed countless trials and tested various plants and vegetables until one day, a member of the team looked through the window out into his garden… It was a beautiful spring day and the first flowers were beginning to blossom. He was amazed at how the Iris flowers seemed to grow stronger with each passing year, despite the winter’s harsh weather conditions.

He realized the tremendous regeneration potential of this plant and decided to test it. The results exceeded all expectations: the cells of the Iris root showed high energy and revitalizing benefits. This key discovery heralded the beginning of a success story in True Swiss Cellular Anti-Aging Treatments.

Today, Swiss Perfection's scientists continue to harvest the unique Iris Germanica from the Château’s unspoilt gardens to offer the most exclusive and luxurious Swiss Cellular skincare experience.

Set in the heart of the pure Swiss prairies, the Château de Vullierens, a Swiss family-owned castle built in 1706, is a veritable wonderland of Iris flowers with more than 400 varieties from all around the world.

The Domaine is home to Europe’s largest gardens devoted to this flower. In its lush grounds, only the purest and most perfect flower – the Iris Germanica - is selected to develop the exclusive signature complexes Cellular Active IRISA™, IRISA INTENSE™ and IRISA EXOSOME™ .