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Thorough cleansing is the first step and an essential stage of an anti-aging skincare program. Gently purified and balanced, your skin will be ready to absorb the full potential of each subsequent active treatment in your beauty routine. Start your program with Cellular Deep Cleansing Emulsion followed by Cellular Purifying Gel, both of which offer deep-down gentle cleansing. These base treatments remove make-up, dust and impurities from the skin’s surface, leaving it soft, soothed and hydrated.

To complete the cleansing process, apply Cellular Balancing Water that will restore the skin's perfect balance. The skin is then ready to benefit from the next steps of your beauty routine. Depending on your skin’s needs, apply Cellular Perfect Lift Serum – the ultimate age-defying serum that combats aging for the ultimate lifting effect, or RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Serum – the first step in age prevention, designed for all skin types and especially recommended for sensitive and reactive skin. Complete your anti-aging beauty program with our perfectly tailored Swiss Perfection day and night treatments.

For the eye contour area, choose between:

- Cellular Nourishing Eye Cream – to prevent fine lines and protect the skin’s youthful potential.

- Cellular Perfect Lift Eye Cream – to visibly lift the eye contour and deeply replenish crow’s feet.

- RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Eye Serum – a powerful concentrate for optimal Anti-Aging prevention.

Daily exposure to pollution dramatically impacts skin's health and appearance. A thorough cleansing routine is therefore the first step to healthy skin. Cleansing frees the skin from surface impurities leaving it in the best condition to more effectively combat aging. We recommend beginning your cleansing routine with Cellular Purifying Gel or Cellular Deep Cleansing Emulsion, both of which remove dust produced by pollution without harming the skin.

They also offer deep-down, gentle cleansing. Follow this with a water-based product. Cellular Balancing Water has been designed to balance the skin from deep within and will add the finishing touches to your cleansing ritual. The skin is then ready to receive the benefits of your tailored Swiss Perfection program.

Finally, RS-28 Cellular Anti-Oxidant Treatment acts as a shield to protect the skin from any harmful external aggressions. It also rejuvenates it, revealing a youthful and radiant complexion. A must-have treatment in heavily polluted areas.

The fine and fragile skin of the eye contour zone is the most delicate area of the face. Its epidermal structure is four to five times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face, thus making it more vulnerable to the impact of the aging process. Less resistant, less supple (as it contains less collagen and elastin) and prone to dehydration, the eye contour is quick to show signs of skin aging.  To counteract the effects of premature skin aging around the eye area, Swiss Perfection has developed RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Eye Serum – a powerful anti-aging concentrate - to treat and visibly reduce all signs of aging, while enhancing the effect of the subsequently applied eye care.

Special Tip: for an increased anti-aging effect, RS-28 Cellular Eye Contour Solution reduces wrinkles and restores the skin’s natural balance. This active and targeted intensive treatment is based on a triple action Collagen Mask composed of native, skin-mimicking collagen fibers. The eye contour area is redefined and plumped; cellular regeneration is boosted; fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and puffiness and dark circles are reduced.  The eye contour is left looking rested and intensely rejuvenated.

Complete your eye care routine with Cellular Nourishing Eye Cream for a nourishing action.

Dry skin is generally low in lipid content and needs a long-term skin moisture treatment. Cellular Hydra Recovery Cream - which contains targeted, natural active ingredients selected for their superior hydrating, soothing and nourishing abilities - has been designed to intensely nourish the skin. Even the driest skin types are hydrated and regenerated. Cellular Hydra Recovery Cream restores an optimal moisture level to the upper layers of the skin and helps prevent dryness. It also calms inflammation induced by environmental factors.

Cellular Soothing Facial Lotion is a lightweight, hydra-fluid treatment which noticeable calms and protects sensitive and reactive skin thanks to its innovative formula. It combines natural ingredients selected for their softening, moisturizing and tissue-repairing properties.

For an increased preventative effect, first apply RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. Recommended for sensitive and reactive skin, this serum maintains an optimal level of hydration, soothes irritation and protects the skin from premature aging, while restoring a fresh and healthy glow. This unique serum combines soothing and calming extracts to reduce inflammation and protect the cell structure.

As the skin ages, it needs help to maintain and restore an appropriate response to oxidative stress and free radicals. RS-28 Cellular Anti-Oxidant Treatment acts as a powerful, natural barrier helping the skin to defend itself against environmental factors that contribute to premature aging.

Thanks to its exceptional active ingredients, this serum brightens and evens the complexion, effectively helping to reverse the aging process, restore radiance and promote skin rejuvenation. In order to increase its benefits, combine RS-28 Cellular Anti-Oxidant Treatment with Cellular Essential Vitamin Cream, an intense vitamin skincare treatment designed to reveal a healthy complexion and restore vitality.

Aging and sun exposure can lead to dark spots and an uneven skin. the skin’s pigmentation system increases with age. The luxury and unique RS-28 Cellular Anti-Dark Spot Serum is designed to help brighten dark spots and harmonize skin tone. Its high concentration of botanical active ingredients helps inhibit melanin production and controls skin cell pigmentation.

This concentrated solution combats dark spots and lightens the complexion. are diminished to reveal luminous skin with lasting results. For extra prevention and protection from hyperpigmentation, use Cellular Anti-Oxidant Serum. This acts as a shield against environmental aggressions for a bright and even complexion.

Thorough cleansing is the first step in the daily skincare program. Prepare the skin with Cellular Exfoliating Solution which, by gently exfoliating the skin, perfects the quality of the epidermis and increases the cells’ longevity. This highly concentrated solution perfects the quality of the epidermis and boosts the skin’s natural renewal process. By tightening the pores and regulating sebum production, the complexion is left flawless. Proceed with Cellular Soothing Facial Lotion, a hydra-fluid treatment ideal for oily-skin as its light formula hydrates, soothes and calms the epidermis. Quickly absorbed, it leaves the skin looking even, soft and fresh.

With age, especially during the menopause, hormonal fluctuation may aggravate acne issues by increasing overall skin inflammation, oil (sebum) production in the pores. Bring your skin back into balance by deeply moisturizing and maintaining optimal pH levels with the Cellular Balancing Water. Be sure to avoid abrasive skincare treatments that may dry out the skin.

With time, cellular renewal slows down. Oxygenation declines and the skin becomes extremely dehydrated, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. Epidermal weakening induces deep-down damage in the dermis, resulting in sagging and loss of tone.

Offer your skin the optimal intensive solution to boost the its 28-day renewal cycle by applying RS-28 Cellular Rejuvenation Secret Mask once a week. Drenching your skin in moisture, this high-quality pure collagen mask offers a complete anti-aging treatment. The skin regains elasticity, and is smoothed and immediately radiant. For your daily skincare program, we recommend Cellular Perfect Lift Cream, skincare solution that targets signs of aging such as loss of elasticity and wrinkles. It restores firmness and moisture by mimicking the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen.

This luxurious treatment with intensely regenerating properties and a deep-down nourishing action has been designed to combat sagging, offer an instantly lifting action and smooth away wrinkles. For a complete intensive, anti-aging treatment, combine Cellular Perfect Lift Cream with Cellular Perfect Lift Serum and Cellular Perfect Lift Eye Cream.

Thorough cleansing both in the morning and evening is the first step to healthy skin. Cleansing frees the skin from secretions, impurities and pollution induced dust, accumulated throughout the day. Finally, it boosts fundamental mechanisms and leaves the skin in optimal condition to more effectively defy age. Think of your skincare program of consisting of three main steps:

- 2-Phase Cleansing:

Begin your program with Cellular Cleansing Emulsion to deeply cleanse & soften your skin. Complete your cleansing program with Cellular Purifying Gel to eliminate all impurities and traces of pollution, thus maintaining optimal hydration levels.

- Exfoliating:

Once or twice a week, it is recommended to use Cellular Exfoliating Solution:, a highly concentrated solution, designed to activate the skin’s natural renewal process, tighten pores and even the complexion.

- Balancing

Restore balance to your skin with Cellular Balancing Water. Natural calming and soothing extracts will leave the skin feeling soft, fresh, intensely hydrated and perfectly balanced. They will also enable potentiate the action of the serum and the next steps of your skincare program.

You are just a few steps away from discovering your own personalized skincare routine. Tell us more about your daily beauty program, your main skin concerns
& how your skin feels, and receive expert advice and personal recommendations from our skincare specialists.

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