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Perfect RS-28

Anti-Aging Solutions.
Anti-Aging Solutions.

Skin undergoes permanent renewal. Cells die and are replaced every day. Under normal conditions, they are renewed every 28 days. However, as the skin ages, cellular renewal slows down and can take up to 30 days. The oldest cells accumulate on the surface, resulting in uneven skin thickness. Oxygenation declines and the skin becomes intensely dehydrated. Dehydration quickly leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Epidermal weakening induces deep-down damage in the dermis, resulting in sagging and loss of tone. The skin fails to fulfill its vital role of support and protection. Swiss Perfection Cellular Perfect RS-28 offers the best intensive solutions to boost the skin’s 28-day renewal cycle. It provides intensive repair of deep-down damage and offers optimal skin solutions to help defy aging, from prevention to ultra-intensive treatment for immediately visible results.

Expert Tip
Our cure RS-28 Cellular Eye Contour Solution is the perfect ally with season changes or to bring immediate radiance before an important event. It also works miracles during travelling to keep a perfect level of hydration and erase all signs of fatigue and jet lag.
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